Practice Area


RESOLVA Law Firm provides the services to assist and advise each side’s needs and concerns by either lenders or borrowers, including the domestic and international banks, financial institutions, as well as corporate or personal borrowers, in a broad range of commercial financing transactions. We also offer to assist the structuring loan transactions and debt issues, secured and unsecured bilateral and syndicated loans, security registration, license review and drafting standard bank documentation.

Our services cover project, corporate, retail and structured finance, securitization, leasing and refinancing.

Also, we work with depth-knowledge to help clients raise debt effectively, to advise and guide the clients on all aspects of financial transactions and to offer thoughtful and comprehensive legal advice on a wide variety of instruments and cross-border transactions.

RESOLVA Law Firm offers to assist and advise issuers, underwriters and investors involved in both domestic and international capital markets, to prepare for and execute Corporate Actions, such as initial public offerings (IPO) and rights issues, and Stock Split. We also provides services for transactions such as exchangeable and convertible bonds, global equity offerings, bond issuance transactions, warrants and other commercial paper transactions, as well as employee stock option plans and mutual funds. We also offer to assist clients on all aspects of capital markets regulations and compliance issues.
We work with a team to assist various industry sectors (including government-linked companies), such as financial services, plantation, property and real estate, telecommunication, energy and resources, healthcare and oil and gas.

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