Practice Area

Dispute Resolutions and Litigations

RESOLVA Law Firm has a strong litigation team and experiences to assist and advise clients on commercial and corporate litigation matters. We provide comprehensive advice on draft pleadings and applications at all stages of litigation, as well as acting for commercial plaintiffs or defendants in civil proceedings in the District Courts, Commercial Court, Courts of Appeal, Supreme Court and Judicial Review levels. Our service is to represent clients in lawsuits relating to contracts, employment, internal corporate fraud, real estate, trademark and intellectual property litigation.

With depth-knowledge and expertise, we also provide clients to assist and advise in the arbitration field, under the local BANI rules and international arbitration rules.

RESOLVA Law Firm offers to assist the client in complying with the rules and restrictions provided under the competition laws. We provide structures and strategies concerning the client’s interest in all levels of investigations at the Commission for the Supervisory of Business Competition (KPPU) as well as the allegation of violation of competition laws to minimize the client’s risks. 

With our experience, we also provide assistance to clients in applying for Bankruptcy/Postponement of Debt Payment Obligation both to represent Creditors and Debtors. Apart from that, some of our teams are also curators registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, who are ready to be appointed by the Commercial Court in the management of bankruptcy assets and/or Postponement of Debt Payment Obligation.

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